Surprise Exam classroom

Surprise Exam classroom.

Surprise Exam is a random event in which Dunce the imp teleports players into a classroom to take an exam.


Suprise Exam Second Type

Match three.

Suprise Exam First Type

What comes next?

Mr. Mordaut will then ask the player two types of questions. One type requires you to find the next object in a pattern. In the second type, he will present you with fifteen cards and a hint. Your goal is to discover three cards related to the hint, select them, and confirm. Examine the hint on the right, and find three objects that are related to it.

List of creatures in classroomEdit

  • Mr. Mordaut, the dragon teacher. "Do not upset this teacher. You have been warned!"
  • A zombie, sits in front of the giant. "Brains!"
  • An imp, who walked around in circles on the stool behind Mr. Mordaut. He wears a dunce cap on his head, when examined, "This imp is clearly the class clown." It appears the empty desk belongs to him.
  • A giant, which examines: "I guess he wants to be more than just the muscle."
  • A mummy, sits to left of the zombie. When examined, it's a play on the word 'Mummy' which says "If the mummy is at school, where are the kids?"
  • A goblin, sits to the right of the giant. "The studious one."
  • Another goblin, sits in front of the other. "He looks bored."


Upon Completion of the exam, players are rewarded with a Book of Knowledge. Unlike the genie's xp lamp, you can not have more than one book at a time.


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