This article is about the guard in Sophanem. For the guard in Nardah, see Tarik (Nardah).
Release date 17 July, 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? No
Location Sophanem
Sells items? No
Gender Male
That's a strange hat for a local.
Tarik chathead

Tarik is an NPC found standing next to the Pyramid Plunder minigame in the desert city of Sophanem. He explains to the player about the pyramid next to him and the dangers players attempting to loot it will face, and then goes on to talk about selling artefacts that you gain throughout the minigame to Simon Templeton for money. He states that he has heard a rumour that there is a valuable magic sceptre to be found in the temple, which used to belong to one of Tumeken's sons. He is referring to the Pharaoh's sceptre; with this item, you can teleport to the three major pyramids in the desert.


  • Tarik means "to pull" in Malay.