Release date 31 May 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Werewolf
Quest NPC? No
Location Canifis
Sells items? Yes
Gender Female
She smells unpleasantly of chemicals.
Taxidermist location
Taxidermist chathead

The taxidermist in Canifis can skin and stuff special creatures for you, giving you the possibility of mounting them in your house. These special items are things like big fish that can be caught rarely while Fishing or the heads of Slayer monsters randomly dropped while fighting their respective monsters.

Mountable items
Item Cost
Big bass 1,000 coins
Crawling hand 1,000 coins
Cockatrice head 2,000 coins
Big swordfish 2,500 coins
Basilisk head 4,000 coins
Big shark 5,000 coins
Kurask head 6,000 coins
Abyssal demon head 12,000 coins
King Black Dragon head 50,000 coins
Kalphite Queen head 50,000 coins

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