A Teleport scroll is an item obtainable from any level Treasure Trail. Each one will offer a one-time teleport to a certain location, and is consumed upon use.

Reading teleport scroll

A player using a scroll to teleport.


Item Exchange price
Nardah teleport Nardah teleport 5,239
Digsite teleport Digsite teleport 2,124
Feldip hills teleport Feldip hills teleport 2,184
Lunar isle teleport Lunar isle teleport 4,862
Mort'ton teleport Mort'ton teleport 6,018
Pest control teleport Pest control teleport 709
Piscatoris teleport Piscatoris teleport 5,412
Tai bwo wannai teleport Tai bwo wannai teleport 8,641
Elf camp teleport Elf camp teleport 2,609
Mos le'harmless teleport Mos le'harmless teleport 599
Lumberyard teleport Lumberyard teleport 9,947

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