For a list of all temporary skill boosts, click here.

Image Boost Skill Level Increase Other Information
Asgarnian ale
Asgarnian ale Strength 2 Bought in Falador bar.
Kebab Attack, Strength and Defence 1, 2 or 3 4% chance to do so.
Draynor Manor Cabbage Defence 1 or 2 Found west of Draynor Manor building (inside the fence), heals 2 instead of 1.
Wizard's mind bomb
Wizard's mind bomb Magic 2 or 3 Also heals 3 hitpoints. +3 boost only applies if the player's Magic level is at least 50. Reduces AttackStrength and Defence by 1 or more.
Gilded altar icon
Edgeville Monastery altar Prayer 2 Requires 31 Prayer.
Dwarven stout
Dwarven stout Mining, Smithing 1 Bought in Falador bar.
Beer Strength 4% Also reduces Attack by 7% (both are rounded down).
Strength potion(4)
Strength potion Strength 10% + 3 Has 4 doses.

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