Thammaron was the chief lieutenant to Zamorak. During the God Wars, Thammaron and his mighty army attacked Uzer and destroyed it, but not before being mortally wounded by the elite guard of clay golems in the process. After the battle, Thammaron retreated to his own plane, where he later died of his injuries. Afterwards, the remainder of his army was destroyed by the Zarosian mahjarrat Azzanadra.

The only survivor of the battle was the ancient Clay Golem, which has been programmed to destroy Thammaron. During The Golem, you find his skeleton in the portal, and the golem is ranting on about his "mission". Thammaron was with Zamorak when it came to rebelling to Zaros, but Azzanadra destroyed Thammaron's mighty army.

Thammaron's timelineEdit

  • Became chief lieutenant to Zamorak.
  • Rebelled against Zaros.
  • Sent a mighty army to destroy Uzer, and was successful.
  • Army was crushed by Azzanadra.
  • Was attacked by several clay golems, which Thammaron died from the wounds.

Millennia later...

  • Skeleton discovered by an adventurer in The Golem. His skeleton was in his own demon throne, but the last Clay Golem still thought Thammaron existed.


Thammaron has no living followers.

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