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The Dig Site (#48)
The Digsite
Members only? Yes
Release date 9 July 2003 (Update)
Quest series The Return of Zaros
Official difficulty Intermediate
Developer Ian T, Marion C
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Start point Quest Talk to an Examiner in the Exam Centre south of the digsite, which is past a members gate east of Varrock. It should be noted that this gate is the same gate used for the Priest in Peril quest, not the one directly outside Varrock's eastern gate.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Feeling uneducated? Desperate for buried treasure?

"There's gold in them there hills" (well stream actually) as well as many other items that can be found at the digsite. Join the students in their attempt to be a qualified archaeologist, and become experienced in making the earth move!

Have you got what it takes to unearth the hidden altar to one of RuneScape's lesser-known Gods?

Length Long
Items required

Wear Leather Gloves and boots at all times.

Enemies to defeat None


Starting outEdit

  • Go to the Exam Centre.
  • Ask an examiner about an exam. (Chat 1)
  • Go to the Varrock museum and talk to Curator Haig Helen. (Chat 1)
  • Go back to the Exam Centre and talk to an examiner, you will fail the exam.

Lost and foundEdit

The Digsite map
  • Search the bushes on the map at (2) until you find a teddy bear.
  • Take the panning tray at (4).
  • Talk to the panning guide and give him a cup of tea.
  • Pan the water at (5) until you find a Special cup (browse through dialog if stopped).
  • Steal from the workman at (3), until you get a skull and specimen brush.
  • Talk to the student in purple clothes a small ways north of (3).
  • Talk to her again.
  • Run east, talk to the student in an orange shirt.
  • Talk to him again.
  • Run south, talk to the student in a green shirt.
  • Talk to him again.


  • Return to an examiner. (1)
    • Answer #1: The study of the earth, its contents and history. (1)
    • Answer #2: All that have passed the appropriate Earth Sciences exam. (3)
    • Answer #3: Gloves and boots to be worn at all times; proper tools must be used. (2)
  • Talk to all 3 students again.
  • Return to an examiner. (1)
    • Answer #1: Samples taken in rough form; kept only in sealed containers. (3)
    • Answer #2: Finds must be carefully handled, and gloves worn. (1)
    • Answer #3: Always handle with care; strike cleanly on its cleaving point. (2)
  • Talk to all 3 students - the female will demand an opal. You can obtain this by panning.
  • Return to an examiner. (1)
    • Answer #1: Samples cleaned, and carried only in specimen jars. (1)
    • Answer #2: Brush carefully and slowly using short strokes. (1)
    • Answer #3: Handle bones very carefully and keep them away from other samples. (3)

Helping the expertEdit

  • Search the cupboards on the south and north wall of the west room in the exam centre to get a specimen jar, and Rock pick.
  • Talk to the archaeological expert. (Chat 3 - 1)
  • Return to the digsite at (3).
  • Steal a specimen brush from the Digsite workman if you haven't already.
  • Use the trowel on the soil (at the site marked 3 on the map from before) until you find an ancient talisman. If you don't find it after several attempts try the soil patch in the far north-east (with the dinosaur bones in it).
  • Talk to the archaeological expert in the exam centre.
  • Use the invitation on any Digsite workman. (Not to be confused with the Dig Site workman beside the western winch)
  • Use a rope on the western winch, climb down.
  • Search the bricks to the east, pick up an Arcenia root, then go back.
  • Climb back up, then climb down using the other winch northeast.
  • Talk to Doug about the rocks. (Chat 4)

Explosives expertEdit

  • Unlock and search the chest in the tent to the south to get Chemical powder (4 on the map from before).
  • Use the trowel on the closed barrel to the west of the tent.
  • Use a vial on the barrel to get unidentified liquid.
  • If you don't have charcoal, search the tray a few steps north.
  • Grind the charcoal with your pestle and mortar.
  • Use the unidentified liquid (make sure you right-click the liquid otherwise you'll empty it) and the chemical powder on the archaeological expert.
  • Mix the two together, add charcoal, then finally add the arcenia root.
  • Climb down the left/west winch.
  • Use the compound on the bricks.
  • Use your tinderbox on rock.
  • Enter the large chamber, take the stone tablet.

Finishing upEdit

  • Use the tablet on the archaeological expert.
  • Quest complete!

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