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The Feud (#75)
The Feud
Members only? Yes
Release date 4 April 2005 (Update)
Quest series Desert
Official difficulty Intermediate
Developer Chris J
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Start point Quest Ali Morrisane
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Description: Ali - RuneScape's self proclaimed greatest merchant is having difficulties. He is selling things at such a rate that he cannot keep his market stall in stock.

Word has it that he is on the lookout for someone to recruit him some help from his home town Pollnivneach, a somewhat anarchic place south of the Shantay pass.

Length Medium
Items required


Enemies to defeat


Getting startedEdit



  • Head to the camel store northwest of the bar.
  • Ask Ali the Camel Man for two camels. Offer nothing, then offer five-hundred Coins. (4-2-1-2-2)
  • Talk to a bandit and then a Menaphite to give them each a Receipt.

The MenaphitesEdit


  • Go to Ali the Operator and ask to join his gang (big purple tent, southwest) (1-2)
  • Pickpocket a Villager then return to Ali the Operator. (1-2)
  • Talk to the Street urchin near the centre town fountain. Pay him ten coins and then pickpocket the villager with an arrow over their head.
  • Talk to Ali the Operator and ask for help to get the blackjack. (1)
  • Equip the Oak-blackjack and then lure a villager into a secluded area. Knock out the villager with the blackjack and pickpocket them.


  • Talk to Ali the Operator.
  • Put on the Desert disguise and gloves.
  • Hide behind the large cactus near the mayor's house (the house by the fountain).
  • Use the Keys on the door.
  • Go to the first floor.
  • Search the landscape picture near the bed.
  • Hit the button on the dial to reset it, then hit 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, in that order, clockwise.
  • Give the Jewels to Ali the Operator.


  • Talk to a Menaphite Thug.
  • Talk to Ali the Operator. (2)
  • Talk to Ali the barman. (3-1)
  • Go up the hill northwest of the kebab shop and talk to Ali the hag.
  • Buy special sauce from the kebab seller. (3-2)
  • Use it on a trough behind the camel shop.
  • Use a bucket on the dung if it is brown. If it is green, use more sauce on the trough until it is brown.
  • Use a coin on the snake charmer sitting south of the bar.
  • Use the Snake charm on a Desert snake north of the Menaphite tent until it goes into the Snake basket.
  • Go northwest of the kebab shop and talk to Ali the hag twice to give her Ugthanki dung and get Hag's poison.
  • Use the Hag's poison on the beer on the table in the bar.
  • Talk to Ali the Operator.

Dealing With the ThugsEdit

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