The Myreque is a group trying to liberate Morytania from the evil grasp of the Drakan Lords.

Mort Myre OrderEdit

Sanguinesti Order Edit

History Edit

The Myreque has been trying to put an end to the evil Drakans' reign of terror over Morytania.

In recent times, the Mort Myre Order has been shaken badly: first with the discovery of their base in Canifis, and then with the murders of Sani Piliu and Harold Evans.

After the attack, they realized their base was no longer safe and had to go through the trouble of finding a new one. They have since relocated to Burgh de Rott, but during the toils of moving, Ivan Strom left to go to Paterdomus, devastated that Sani had been killed. After relocating, both orders have gotten back in touch.

The Myreque soon discovered that werewolves had crossed the River Salve into Misthalin where they were kidnapping men and women and bringing them back to be blood tithed. Once the Myreque contacted King Roald of Misthalin, he reacted by enabling a "mercenary protocol" but has been tied up with the Edicts of Guthix to actually launch a full scale invasion. With the two nations now coming closer to war, the Myreque find themselves in a troubling situation.

Myreque means hidden in myre.

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