The Warrens
The Warrens
Kingdom Great Kourend
Main Music The Cellar Dwellers
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Thief
Quests The Queen of Thieves
Inhabitants/Race Humans
The Warrens map
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The Warrens is a sewer located beneath the Piscarilius House, accessed by climbing down the manhole located in the center of the house. It is visited during The Queen of Thieves quest.

The Warrens is home to pirates, thieves, and homeless men and women. The Saviours of Kourend gang, led by the Queen of Thieves, makes their headquarters here, which is guarded by Devan Rutter.


Aside from the tents found throughout the Warrens, there is a pub, which contains a cooking range and a water source. In addition, the Saviours of Kourend's headquarters contains an anvil.

There is also a poll booth, and two shops: Warrens Fish Monger and Warrens General Store.