Thessalia's Fine Clothes is located in central Varrock square. In addition to selling clothes, Thessalia will offer to give a player a "total clothing-makeover". This allows the player to change the default shirt or trousers they chose when creating their character. It costs 500gp to change either your top or bottom, costing 1000gp to do both.

All attire and weapons except rings and ammunition must be removed before characters can change their base appearance.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
White apron White apron 3 2 1 37
Leather body Leather body 12 21 11 10
Leather gloves Leather gloves 10 6 3 5
Leather boots Leather boots 10 6 3 44
Brown apron Brown apron 1 2 1 78
Pink skirt Pink skirt 5 2 1 97
Black skirt Black skirt 3 2 1 22
Blue skirt Blue skirt 2 2 1 65
Red cape Red cape 4 2 1 50
Silk Silk 5 30 16 7
Priest gown (bottom) Priest gown (bottom) 3 5 2 27
Priest gown (top) Priest gown (top) 3 5 2 27

Note: The Grand exchange prices listed for the Priest gown may be incorrect due to name similarities.

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