Bronze thrownaxe Iron thrownaxe Steel thrownaxe Mithril thrownaxe Adamant thrownaxe Rune thrownaxe Dragon thrownaxe
Ammunition Thrown
Two handed? No
Speed Monster attack speed 5

Thrownaxes are a type of member's only Ranged throwing weapon. They must either be bought from the Tribal Weapons store at the Ranging Guild or from another player, as they cannot be made using the Smithing skill. They can be wielded with shields and prayer books for protection.

In terms of both damage and attack speed, thrownaxes are stronger than throwing knives, but slower. Unlike most ranged ammunition, thrownaxes cannot be poisoned.

Type Ranged Attack Ranged Strength GE Price
Bronze thrownaxe Bronze +4 +5 11
Iron thrownaxe Iron +5 +7 42
Steel thrownaxe Steel +8 +11 11
Mithril thrownaxe Mithril +12 +16 62
Adamant thrownaxe Adamant +17 +23 76
Rune thrownaxe Rune +26 +36 165
Dragon thrownaxe Dragon +36 +47 3,773

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