For the utility tool, see knife.
Bronze knifeIron knifeSteel knifeBlack knifeMithril knifeAdamant knifeRune knife
Ammunition Thrown
Two handed? No
Speed Monster attack speed 7

Throwing knives are a type of member's only Ranged throwing weapon. They can be poisoned and can be wielded with shields or god books for protection.

Throwing knives are created via the Smithing skill. Each bar will produce 5 knives of the corresponding metal.

Throwing knives are among the fastest weapons in the game (along with darts), and it is for this reason that most people prefer to use knives when training on their Ranged.

Types of knivesEdit

Ranged-icon Throwing knife Ranged attack Ranged strength
Bronze knife Bronze knife +4 +3
Iron knife Iron knife +5 +4
Steel knife Steel knife +8 +7
Black knife Black knife +10 +8
Mithril knife Mithril knife +11 +10
Adamant knife Adamant knife +15 +14
Rune knife Rune knife +25 +24

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