The Tip jar is built in the Garden and Formal Garden of a player-owned house as a place where other players can give the host of the house coins as a gesture of goodwill. Building the tip jar requires a Construction level of 40.

When a player tips the host, the host receives a message in the chatbox, stating <Player name> has left you a tip: Coins x<number of coins>. Players can mute this notification by right-clicking "Setup" on the tip jar.

Any coins stored in the tip jar are permanently stored until the player withdraws the coins, even if they have logged out. However, players can enable the tip jar to bank the coins stored upon logging out.

Note: Formal Garden's Tip jar is placed in a slightly different location from Garden's Tip jar and may partially block an entrance to another room.


Item Exchange price Total price
Mahogany plank 2 x Mahogany plank 4,260 143,165
Molten glass 1 x Molten glass 155
Gold leaf 1 x Gold leaf 133,750
Platinum token 5 5 x Platinum token 5,000

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