For the one main bar located above the Rogues' Den, see Toad and Chicken.
Toad and Chicken Pub
Toad and Chicken branch
Release date 24 November 20042004 (Update)
Location Burthorpe
Members only? Yes
Sells Wizard's Mind Bomb, Dwarven Stout, Asgarnian Ale
NPCs Sam and Rachael
Monsters None
Related quests None
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The Toad and Chicken is located on the bottom floor of the Burthorpe Castle, in the games room. The bartenders: Sam and Rachael are found here.

This bar shares the same stock as the main Toad and Chicken bar and inn in Burthorpe.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Asgarnian ale Asgarnian ale 12 2 ?? 83
Wizard's mind bomb Wizard's mind bomb 12 2 ?? 83
Dwarven stout Dwarven stout 12 2 ?? 77

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