Attack icon 99
Hitpoints icon 99
Mining icon 99
Strength icon 99
Agility icon 99
Smithing icon 99
Defence icon 99
Herblore icon 99
Fishing icon 99
Ranged icon 99
Thieving icon 99
Cooking icon 99
Prayer icon 99
Crafting icon 99
Firemaking icon 99
Magic icon 99
Fletching icon 99
Woodcutting icon 99
Runecrafting icon 99
Slayer icon 99
Farming icon 99
Construction icon 99
Hunter icon 99
Quest 264
Combat icon 126
Stats icon 2277

Total level is the sum of the levels of all of a player's skills. The current maximum for members is 2,277, the maximum for free players is 1,493. Total level is a common way for players to compare their stats.

The opening page on the HiScores ranks players by their total level, then by experience. Other than when new skills have been recently released, the top ranked players in the hiscores are generally listed in order of experience rather than rank. The number one player won't have a higher level than the number two player, but certainly more experience.

Certain worlds require total level requirement to access such as world 81 (F2P, 500 total), 85 (F2P, 750 total), 53 (P2P, 1250 total), 66 (P2P, 1500 total), 73 and 91 (P2P, 1750 total), 49 and 61 (P2P, 2000 total). Average skill levels to access these worlds are as follows (rounded up): 500 (22), 750 (33), 1250 (55), 1500 (66), 1750 (77), 2000 (87). If the player is free-to-play and has never been a member, the 8 level 1 member's skills add a total of +8 to the player's total level, but do not count toward the total level requirement of the free-to-play worlds 81 and 85.

File:Maxed total level fireworks.png

Once players reach the max total level, a different set of fireworks will appear in place of the regular set of fireworks usually seen when levelling up.

In RuneScape Classic, the maximum total level was 1,782 (1,390 for free players). The addition of Runecrafting (1,881), Slayer (1,980), Farming (2,079), Construction (2,178) and the latest skill, Hunter (2,277), brought the maximum total level to 2,277 (1,493 for free players).


  • The first player to reach the current maximum total level was Jebrim on 27 October 2013, 247 days after the servers were first opened.

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