The toy box is a hot spot found in the costume room of a player-owned house. Toy boxes is used to store any toys that are untradeable. Toys are usually obtained during festivities such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. However, certain tradeable items such as party hats cannot be stored in this box.

Toy boxesEdit

Image Type Level Materials required
Oak toy box icon Oak toy box 50 2 oak planks
Teak toy box icon Teak toy box 68 2 teak planks
Mahogany toy box icon Mahogany toy box 86 2 mahogany planks
There is no known distinction between the toy boxes
All toys can be stored in any of the boxes


Set Amount Head Chest Legs Gloves Boots Other
Bunny ears (2003) 1 Bunny ears
Scythe (2003) 1 Scythe
War ship (Classic) 1 War ship
Yo-yo (2004) 1 Yo-yo
Rubber chicken (2005) 1 Rubber chicken
Zombie head (2005) 1 Zombie head
Marionette (2005) 3 Red marionette Blue marionette Green marionette
Christmat hats (2005) 4 Bobble hat Jester hat Tri-jester hat Woolly hat
Christmas scarves (2005) 4 Bobble scarf Jester scarf Tri-jester scarf Woolly scarf
Easter ring (2006) 1 Easter ring
Jack lantern mask (2006) 1 Jack lantern mask
Skeleton outfit (2006) 5 Skeleton mask Skeleton shirt Skeleton leggings Skeleton gloves Skeleton boots
Reindeer hat (2006) 1 Reindeer hat
Chicken outfit (2007) 4 Chicken head Chicken wings Chicken legs Chicken feet
Black h'ween mask (2013) 1 Black h'ween mask
Black partyhat (2013) 1 Black partyhat
Rainbow partyhat (2013) 1 Rainbow partyhat
Cow outfit (2015) 5 Cow mask Cow top Cow trousers Cow gloves Cow shoes
Easter basket (2005) 1 Easter basket
Druidic wreath (2014) 1 Druidic wreath
Grim reaper hood (2007) 1 Grim reaper hood
Santa outfit (2014) 5 Santa mask Santa jacket Santa pantaloons Santa gloves Santa boots
Antisanta outfit (2014) 5 Antisanta mask Antisanta jacket Antisanta pantaloons Antisanta gloves Antisanta boots
Bunny feet (2015) 1 Bunny feet
Mask of balance (2015) 1 Mask of balance
Tiger toy (2015) 1 Tiger toy
Lion toy (2015) 1 Lion toy
Snow leopard toy (2015) 1 Snow leopard toy
Amur leopard toy (2015) 1 Amur leopard toy
Anti-panties (2015) 1 Anti-panties
Gravedigger outfit (2015) 5 Gravedigger mask Gravedigger top Gravedigger leggings Gravedigger gloves Gravedigger boots
Black santa hat (2015) 1 Black santa hat
Inverted santa hat (2015) 1 Inverted santa hat
Gnome child hat (2016) 1 Gnome child hat
Bunny top (2016) 1 Bunny top
Bunny legs (2016) 1 Bunny legs
Bunny paws (2016) 1 Bunny paws
Hornwood helm (2016) 1 Hornwood helm
Banshee outfit (2016) 5 Banshee mask Banshee top Banshee robe
Hunting knife (2016) 1 Hunting knife
Snow globe (2016) 1 Snow globe
Sack of presents (2016) 1 Sack of presents
Giant present (2016) 1 Giant present
4th Birthday hat (2017) 1 4th birthday hat
Birthday balloons (2017) 1 Birthday balloons
Easter Egg Helm (2017) 1 Easter egg helm
Rainbow Scarf (2017) 1 Rainbow scarf
Hand fan (2017) 1 Hand fan
Runefest shield (2017) 1 Runefest shield
Jonas mask (2017) 1 Jonas mask
Snow imp costume (2017) 6 Snow imp costume head Snow imp costume body Snow imp costume legs Snow imp costume gloves Snow imp costume feet Snow imp costume tail
Wise Old Man's Santa hat (2017) 1 Wise old man's santa hat

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