Trader Sven's Black Market Goods is a store located in Meiyerditch, owned by Trader Sven. It sells vyrewatch clothing and citizen clothing, both of which protect players from being blood tithed by Vyrewatch. Darkness of Hallowvale must be started to access Meiyerditch and his store. It is the only store in Meiyerditch, located in sector one northeast of the wall rubble.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Citizen top Citizen top 10 6 2 4,377
Citizen trousers Citizen trousers 10 6 2 6,568
Citizen shoes Citizen shoes 10 6 2 6,344
Vyrewatch top Vyrewatch top 10 650 260 2,538
Vyrewatch legs Vyrewatch legs 10 650 260 2,283
Vyrewatch shoes Vyrewatch shoes 10 650 260 2,928

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