Trollweiss Dungeon
Trollweiss Dungeon
Kingdom Troll Country
Main Music Various
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Ice troll
Quests Troll Romance
Inhabitants/Race Trolls
Trollweiss Dungeon map
Click the map to view a larger version.
Trollweiss Dungeon entrance

The entrance to the caves on the world map.

The Trollweiss Dungeon is a dangerous tunnel filled with ice trolls. These always appear in groups of four and can hit very high. The entrance to the dungeon is located by the Ice Gate, a few steps north-west of the troll child and his parents. In the north-west of the dungeon is a small crevasse in a wall. When climbed through, you emerge at the brow of Trollweiss Mountain. You can sled down (beware of ice wolves) to get a trollweiss flower or go east to Brambickle the gnome explorer. The dungeon is mostly abandoned.

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