Tutab's Magical Market is located on Ape Atoll. Players wishing to access this stall must be in monkey form; this can be achieved by holding a monkey greegree.

Players with a Thieving level of 65 can also steal from this stall, granting 100 Thieving experience and one of the four elemental runes (air, fire, water, earth) or a law rune. Players must be in human form to steal from the stall. It takes 40 seconds before players can steal from the stall again; however, unlike other stalls, players can still trade with Tutab after stealing from his stall.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Fire rune Fire rune 1,000 17 5 5
Water rune Water rune 1,000 17 5 5
Air rune Air rune 1,000 17 5 5
Earth rune Earth rune 1,000 17 5 5
Law rune Law rune 250 240 126 217
Eye of newt Eye of gnome 10 3 1 Not sold
Monkey dentures Monkey dentures 10 10 3 Not sold
Monkey talisman Monkey talisman 10 1,000 333 Not sold

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