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The following is a list of upcoming updates, derived from official Jagex content:

Official Jagex Sources for Old School RuneScape

Confirmed updatesEdit

These updates are being developed. Some are TAPP (Thursday, All-Day, Personal Projects) developed by Jagex employees in their own time.

Theatre of BloodEdit

A new raid set in Meiyerditch.

Farming ReworkEdit

Mod Ash's TAPP involves reworking the entire farming skill to make growth time more consistent.

The rework also aims to make use of underused patches, such as allotments and hops, by adding more types of crops, such as a dragonfruit tree.

In addition, the Farming Guild, which will be located west of the Shayzien House, will have a requirement of level 60 to enter, but other features in the guild may require higher levels to access. For example, a redwood tree patch within the guild requires level 80 farming to access.

Dragon Slayer IIEdit

A grandmaster quest which involves uncovering the lost history of the dragon race, visiting old and new locations across the world. The quest will add a Myths Guild, which will contain adamant and rune dragons, and the Corsair Cove, a free to play area.

This update is scheduled for release on 4 January 2018.

More can be read in the developer's blog here.

Wilderness Rejuvenation v2Edit

Bosses found in random locations within the Wilderness will drop new best in slot god capes that are twice as good as current god capes. These are stated to be much more challenging to obtain.

Revenant Caves are also proposed, which will build on the principles of the original. Containing monsters of various levels, higher level monsters are stated to use "Pker" style attacks, with potential for unique rewards. Potential for unique rewards

Bounty Hunter reworkEdit

Players can be given a task to kill someone using specific gear. For example, players may have to kill a player while wearing a set of Barrows equipment or kill them while wielding a specific weapon.

New rewards may include armour with prestige similar to those of decorative armour from Castle Wars.

Making Friends with My Arm QuestEdit

New Troll Quest with potential Firemaking rewards. Mentioned at RuneFest 2016.

Return of Xeric seriesEdit

Quest line involving Xeric's return. Client of Kourend is the first in this series.

Old School Runescape on mobileEdit

OSRS mobile client for iOS and Android devices[1]. Beta late 2017, release end of 2017.


These updates have proven to be popular among the Old School Team, and may or may not actually be polled/developed.

Zeah BatchesEdit

Unclear what is left or if Brimstone is still planned, but Diary still planned after future batches.

Sacred Eel BuffEdit

Probably more Scales rather than more Exp.

LMS UpdatesEdit

New Maps and fewer players per game.

New Master Fremennik QuestEdit

Mod Wolf's TAPP. Mentioned to be released around the end of 2017.

More Zeah DungeonsEdit

Mod West's TAPP. Chasm of Fire is one of these, but possibly others.

Rare drop logsEdit

Mod John C's TAPP. Recorded logs for unique boss drops, such as those from the God Wars Dungeon.

Raids ExpansionEdit

Possible new Bosses and Challenge Rooms for Chambers of Xeric. Mod Archie's TAPP might be used for this.

New Zeah Quest

Mod Ed's TAPP. A new novice quest in the Zeah series to involve the Piscarilius house.[1]


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