This official RuneScape update is copyrighted by Jagex. It was a direct quote from the RuneScape main page, but has since been removed.
This update was added on 29 January 2002.

Dropped item change reversed. Whilst it wasn't intended that dropped items didn't become visible to other players for 1 minute, it seems a lot of people considered it more of a feature than a bug. So this 'feature' has been put back into the game.

Note however that relying on this and dropping your valuable items on the ground still isn't a good idea. If you lose your internet connection for a minute whilst your item is on the ground then someone else is likely to take your item, and you will lose it.

Also Password Options has changed You just press 'reset recovery questions' type in your new ones, and then in 2 weeks if nobody has opposed the change they switch over. For that 2 weeks each time you login it will tell you that someone is trying to change the recovery questions. If it wasn't you who requested the change you can cancel it, and then change your password quick!

Also regarding Rune battle axes and 2h Rune swords, Andrew decided to put them back into the Free game.

Members version will instead features 2 new weapons which are even better, the dragon-sword, and the dragon-axe

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