These official patch notes are copyrighted by Jagex. It is a direct quote from this Patch Notes Archive.
These Patch Notes were announced on 16 January 2014.
  • The Castle Wars reward shop now offers:
    • A magic armour set and ranger armour set.
    • Saradomin & Zamorak banners, like the flags used in the game.
    • Plate skirt versions of the melee armour.
  • The minimap area of the gameframe has been updated with three new icons to show your health, prayer points and run energy.
  • The Barbarian Assault egg launcher can now be used during combat.
  • The Barbarian Assault game head-up display now displays white text when the call changes.
  • Players now receive one extra ticket at the end of each Castle Wars game if the opposing team failed to score any points during the game.
  • The following bugs have also been resolved:
    • The Infinity hat no longer hides hairstyles.
    • Routefinding has been improved at Etceteria Bank.
    • An unreachable fishing spot at Shilo Village can now be reached.
    • Routefinding around barricades in Castle Wars has been reverted to its original behaviour, where players' paths are blocked more effectively by the barricades.
    • The red flag on the minimap now updates to show your real destination after you've clicked on an inaccessible place.
    • The Slayer helm's alchemy value has been increased slightly to make it more likely to be protected on death.

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