These official patch notes are copyrighted by Jagex. It is a direct quote from this Patch Notes Archive.
These Patch Notes were announced on 17 October 2013.
  • The God Wars Dungeon has arrived.
  • The following features for which players voted in Poll 11 have been released:
    • An extra button has been added to the options menu, allowing you to disable the profanity filter.
    • Players who are in your chat-channel will appear as purple dots on the minimap.
    • The anti-fire potion gives a warning message before its effect expires, and another message when it has expired.
    • The bank now has a 'Withdraw-All-but-one' option. The various Withdraw and Deposit options have been re-ordered slightly in response to your feedback.
    • The Nightmare Zone reward shop now has Bank PIN protection.

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