Release date 22 June 2017 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Dwarf
Quest NPC? No
Location Mining Guild
Sells items? No
Gender Male
He looks tired.
Utrec location
Utrec chathead

Utrec is a dwarf in the Mining Guild, found by the amethyst crystals.


  • Utrec: All this mining is tiring work.
  • Player: But you're not even mining at the moment.
  • Utrec: Hey! I've been mining all day thank you very much! I'm allowed a break ain't I?
  • Player: Yes, I suppose.
  • Utrec: I should think so. Anyway did you need anything?
  • Player: What are these rocks?
    • Utrec: Rocks? They're not rocks, they're minerals!
    • Player: Oh okay. What are they though?
    • Utrec: Amethyst! We use it a lot back in Keldagrim but this is the only place we've managed to find it.
    • Player: What can I use it for?
    • Utrec: We've found it's quite good for ranging ammunition, something you adventuring lot might like.
    • Utrec: We use it a lot for Construction back in Keldagrim as well.
    • Player: Awesome! Does that mean I can use it in my house?
    • Utrec: No.
    • Player: Why not?
    • Utrec: Because I said so that's why! Even the best human builders wouldn't know how to build with this stuff.
    • Player: Awww.
  • Player: No thanks.
    • Utrec: Well be on your way then. I've got mining to do!