This article is about a race of non-player characters and attackable monsters in RuneScape. For the specific monster called "vampire", see vampire.

Vampyres (sometimes vyres) are a humanoid race. They are the dominant race of Morytania and vampyres outside of Morytania are very rare and very weak. They live off of animal blood and force all residents of Morytania to pay a blood tithe.

Vampyres appear to have at least four forms: human form (looks like a regular human), vampyre form (looks like a regular human, only with fangs, yellow eyes and a sickly colour), vapour form, and bat form (looks like a large batlike creature with horns). Vyrewatch also have a subhuman form, which is a cross between the two.


Vampyres are most often found in the Sanguinesti region in eastern Morytania. Most of the vampyres found outside of that area are lesser forms, such as juvenile vampyres. There are very few vampyres residing outside of Morytania, and the few that are have been greatly weakened.

Known vampyres outside of Morytania:

Count DraynorEdit

Main article: Count Draynor

The owner of Draynor Manor, Count Draynor rests in a coffin in the basement. He is the younger brother of Lord Drakan, the ruler of Morytania. Draynor was a vyre noble at one point but was left for dead after the Misthalin-Morytanian War of the Fourth Age. Players fight him in the Vampire Slayer quest.


Main article: Ruantun

Count Draynor's former servant, he is found in the sewers of Draynor Village, and probably used to be a Vampyre Juvinate. He helps players make a silver pot in the Desert Treasure quest.

Sinister StrangerEdit

Main article: Sinister Stranger

A sinister fisherman whom players must defeat in the Fishing Contest quest. He denies the fact that he's a vampyre, but if players put a clove of garlic up the pipe near his fishing spot, he cannot tolerate it and must switch spots.

Unnamed vampyreEdit

There is also a vampyre in the coffin upstairs in the temple near the River Salve. Players must temporarily seal its coffin with some holy water so that Drezel can escape from his prison cell.

Count CheckEdit

Main article: Count Check

A friendly vampyre who is found outside the Lumbridge Castle's courtyard. He will advise players to have made a unique password and have two-step verification for their registered recovery email. In addition, he can check whether players have enabled the authenticator and bank PIN.

Types of vampyresEdit

There are three main classes of vampyres in Morytania:

Vampyre JuvenilesEdit

Main article: Vampyre Juvenile

They are the weakest of the vampyres and are thought to be bipedal experiments performed on humans in the Meiyerditch laboratory. They must be damaged with silver weapons and can only be killed by being frozen by the rod of ivandis special attack and fed a Guthix balance potion. They can be found in the woods east of Burgh de Rott and on the Meiyerditch shoreline.

Vampyre JuvinatesEdit

Main article: Vampyre Juvinate

Vampyre Juvinates are more mature vampyres that are stronger than juvenile vampyres. It's impossible to damage them with any non-silver weapons as well. They turn into fog and retreat unless the player freezes them with the rod of ivandis and uses a Guthix balance potion on them.

Vampyre Juvinates are often used as servants by the nobles and do dirty work for the Vyrewatch; such as collecting blood tithes, ambushing travellers, and guarding the Daeyalt mines. They can be found east of Burgh de Rott, in eastern Meiyerditch, and in the Temple Trekking minigame.

Notable members:


Main article: Vyrewatch

Vyrewatch are fully grown vampyres. The Vyrewatch are shown to be a brigade of elite vampyres that are armed with spears made of an unknown metal, possibly Daeyalt, have the ability to fly, and are currently immune to all known weapons, poison, and magic. They can perfectly disguise themselves as humans whenever they wish, have the ability to teleport players to the Daeyalt mines, and freely tithe at their own will.

The Vyrewatch usually watch over the juvinates and are rarely seen outside of the walls of Meiyerditch. They are shown to control Meiyerditch, the southern half of the Sanguinesti region, and monitor the tithing of Meiyerditch on a strict regimen, tithing 1 of the 6 different sectors each week.

While the juveniles and low ranking juvinates are rumoured to live alongside the humans in Meiyerditch, the Vyrewatch and high-ranking juvinates are rumoured to live in a city in the northern half of the Sanguinesti region, walled off from the ghetto.

Notable members:

  • The Drakans - Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan is the ancient and powerful ruler of Morytania, but nobody has seen him in years. The daily management of Meiyerditch is done by his brother and sister, Ranis and Vanescula.
  • Malak - Players meet him in the Desert Treasure quest. He teaches players how to defeat the guardian of blood so that he can own more land. He once got sick when he drank blood from the citizens of Mort'ton.
  • Vanstrom Klause - The main villain of the Myreque series. He seems to be in command of the Vyrewatch, blood tithing, and making sure Meiyerditch and the other Morytanian municipalities under Drakan's influence, such as Canifis and Mort'ton, reach their blood quotas.

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