Varrock Sewer
Varrock Sewers
Kingdom Misthalin
Main Music Scape Cave
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Moss giant
Quests Ratcatchers
Inhabitants/Race Rats, Spiders, Undead, Giants
Varrock Sewers map
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Location on World Map
Varrock Palace Varrock Sewer Varrock Museum
Varrock East Bank

The Varrock Sewers are a sewer network composed of a large network of tunnels under the city of Varrock. The Varrock Sewers are a fairly large multi-combat dungeon filled with low to mid-level monsters. It is filled with corridors and rooms and is one of the largest dungeons in free-to-play.

A knife or sharp-object (e.g. Scimitar) is required to access certain parts of the sewer to cut a spider web. (Note: A throwing knife will not work!)

Players can find some of the monsters here to be useful, because the zombies and the moss giants drop herbs (for Herblore) and seeds (for Farming).


The Varrock Sewers can be accessed via a manhole just east of Varrock Palace or via an Agility shortcut in Edgeville Dungeon. If you enter via the Edgeville Dungeon, you will arrive in the moss giant room.


*The bear is not in the multi-combat area and can only be attacked by a single player anytime. This bear can also be attacked from above ground through its cage.