Venenatis is a level 464 spider boss that is found in the Wilderness. Unlike the other three bosses, she is below the level 30 Wilderness line and resides in a partial single/multi-way area, making it safer to kill her compared to the other bosses, which inhabit full multi-way areas.


Venenatis has many attacks that she uses against her target.

  • Melee attack: She simply lunges at the player, dealing heavy damage.
  • Magic attack: She launches a magical projectile at the player.
  • Web attack: Her most deadly attack, Venenatis throws a ball of web at the player, dealing up to 50 damage. She usually combines this with a melee or magic attack depending on her distance from the target and can easily combo players.
  • Prayer drain: Venenatis launches a curse-like projectile at the player, draining prayer points. This attack can be used quickly without cooldown.


NOTE: Fighting Venenatis while she is in a single-way area will only deal 1-6 damage REGARDLESS of the player's equipment and stats. Full damage will only be dealt if she is in a multi-way area.

When fighting Venenatis, most players simply use a full set of Verac the Defiled's equipment. Rangers can use Ruby bolts (e) and/or a mix of Diamond bolts (e), as ruby can deal quite some damage when she is at full health and diamond to ignore her defences. Typically, with Melee, players usually risk losing a piece of Verac's if they die; however, with the death mechanic changes of 30 June 2016, the player should only lose the flail if they get killed by player killers without Protect Item active.

Regardless of the player's setup, activate Protect from Magic. Piety or Eagle Eye (or Augury) helps too! Also, Vengeance runes are recommended to deal with her web/melee attacks as she can deal heavy damage. Unlike other Melee-using bosses, Venenatis' melee attack also doubles as a long-range attack. Drink a dose of anti-poison (unless you are using a Serpentine helm), since Venenatis can poison with her attacks.

Fighting Venenatis

A pair of players fighting Venenatis.

The safest way to fight Venenatis is to lure her into a multi-combat area, while attacking her in the single-way area. Any PK'ers who arrive while you are fighting Venenatis while doing this will be unable to attack you, allowing you to teleport quickly if they do appear. Even if they arrive after you kill Venenatis, you will only be attacked by one player while in the single-way area.

Level requirementsEdit

  • 90 Multicombat
  • 70 Hitpoints-icon
  • 80 Strength-icon
  • 75 Attack-icon
  • 70 Defence-icon

  • 90 Multicombat
  • 70 Hitpoints-icon
  • 75+ Ranged-icon
  • 40+ Defence-icon

  • 105+ Multicombat
  • 85+ Hitpoints-icon
  • 90+ Strength-icon
  • 85+ Attack-icon
  • 75+ Defence-icon
  • 94+ Magic-icon

  • 105+ Multicombat
  • 85+ Hitpoints-icon
  • 85+ Ranged-icon
  • 94+ Magic-icon
  • 75+ Defence-icon

Suggested setupsEdit

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