Veos' Client
Veos' Client
Release date 20 April 2017 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Unknown
Quest NPC? Client of Kourend
Location Piscarilius House
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Veos' Client chathead

Veos' Client is the mysterious client who Veos asks the player to help during the Client of Kourend quest. He appears to be a powerful mage, being able to possess Veos towards the end of the quest, and is able to resist the persuasion ability of the ring of charos (a).

Client possessing Veos

The Client possesses Veos'.

He also appears to show no compassion for possessing Veos' body, as shown when the player asks if Veos is alright. In addition, when the player asks who he is, he refuses to reveal it, stating that the player should know their place.

If the player speaks to him after the quest wearing the ring of charos (a), a fourth option will appear in the chat options, allowing the player to ask who he is. However, he is able to resist the "feeble magic" of Charos, and gloats at the players attempt to do so. Nevertheless, due to the player's effort, he chooses to reveal his name: Xeric.

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