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Level requirementsEdit

  • 70 Multicombat
  • 75 Hitpoints-icon
  • 80 Strength-icon
  • 75 Attack-icon
  • 70 Defence-icon

  • 105+ Multicombat
  • 85+ Hitpoints-icon
  • 90+ Strength-icon
  • 85+ Attack-icon
  • 75+ Defence-icon
  • 94+ Magic-icon

Suggested equipmentEdit

The dwarven helmet provides a crush bonus. Although players can be assigned Vet'ion for a Slayer task (of skeletons or himself), the Slayer helmet will not provide the offensive bonuses against the hellhounds, compared to the Salve amulet which gives offensive bonuses against both of them. If using Verac's flail or Dharok's greataxe, it is advised to bring the set to use its effect.

Note: The side weapon is only if using anything other than a Zamorakian hasta, an Abyssal bludgeon or a set of Dharok's to kill hellhounds quickly.

How to get thereEdit

Vet'ion is located just north of the Bone Yard, residing in level 31-35 Wilderness. Fast ways to get there are:

  • Use a Games necklace; then, select the Corporeal Beast option. Leave the caves and run up north.
  • Use the Wilderness Obelisk near the Corporeal Beast's cave and teleport to the level 35 obelisk; then, run east of your location.
  • With 57 Woodcutting, go to a canoe station and create a Waka canoe (using any type of axe) to the Wilderness. Run east of your location when you arrive.

Attacks and abilitiesEdit

Vet'ion has several attacks and abilities:

  • Melee attack: Vet'ion simply swings his scimitar at the target, dealing up to 30 melee damage.
  • Magic attack: Vet'ion launches three magical balls at his target, and is similar to that of the Chaos Fanatic and Crazy archaeologist's special attack. Two balls are launched randomly around the player's location while one will always hit on the player's position when he used this attack. Protect from Magic does not block or reduce its damage.
Fighting Vet'ion

A pair of players fighting Vet'ion in his reborn form.

  • Shockwave: Vet'ion slams the ground with his scimitar. The shockwave deals damage in the surrounding area near Vet'ion, up to 45 damage. It is possible for this attack to completely miss and deal no damage to the player. Vet'ion can only use this attack once every six seconds, and will use it even if the player he is focused on is too far from him.
  • Hellhounds: When Vet'ion reaches half health, two level 214 Skeleton hellhounds will appear next to him. In his reborn form, two level 281 Greater Skeleton Hellhounds appear instead. The hellhounds grant Vet'ion invulnerability and must be killed to damage him again. The skeletal hellhounds are basically enhanced hellhounds, possessing the hellhound's high accuracy and damage.
  • Forms: Vet'ion has two forms; a normal and reborn form. Vet'ion always spawns in his normal (purple) form. When he reaches 0 health in this form, he will yell "Do it again!!!", turning into his reborn (orange) form. There is no difference between the two forms apart from the hellhound spawns.
    • If hellhounds were already summoned in either form, he will not summon them again when he reaches half health.


Note: Like all Wilderness bosses, Vet'ion resides in a multi-way area and in moderately high level Wilderness. You may be attacked at any time during the kill. DO NOT bring any items that you are not willing to lose.

While Vet'ion has the lowest defensive modifiers out of the three bosses (-10 crush defence), Vet'ion does have a high Defence level of 395. Despite this, players will be able to hit quite frequently as long as they have 90 or higher Attack, due to his negative crush defence. Using a Bandos godsword or Dragon warhammer will help lower his Defence and make the kill smoother.

It is possible to kill Vet'ion without using safespots, but it is not recommended to do so. This is due to the fact that he is like the Kalphite Queen but far more tedious; players have to continually move to avoid being hit by his magical attacks; they are subjected to highly damaging shockwaves, and have to deal with skeletal hellhounds in both his normal and reborn form.

There are two ways of killing Vet'ion with safespots; the safespot or the flinching method.

Safespot methodEdit

The safespot method utilises the chaos dwarf camp east of Vet'ion. It is a common safespot and when used correctly, Vet'ion will not retaliate back or retreat, essentially making him an easy target.

To use the safespot, grab Vet'ion's attention and move him towards the chaos dwarf camp. Move to the cave entrance at the bottom of the camp and wait there until Vet'ion gets closer. When he gets within range, move down, towards the level 30 line until Vet'ion is aligned with the cave entrance. Once this is accomplished, move back up and go under Vet'ion and hope that he moves east while you are under him. If Vet'ion moves west, he will need to be lured back to the cave entrance again to get him in position.

Flinching methodEdit

The flinching method can be performed at many single tile obstructions within Vet'ion's roaming range, such as the dead tree near the agility shortcut to the Lava Dragon Isle. It is very similar to the flinching method used to kill the Chaos Elemental. To start this method, run up to Vet'ion to cause him to become aggressive. Then, retreat back to behind the obstruction, such that he does not attack you. Make sure you have used whatever boost potions you want to use, flick Piety on, click to attack Vet'ion; then, immediately run back to your safespot, flicking Piety off as you do so. Wait for Vet'ion's health bar to disappear; if you attack him again while his health bar is still visible, he will retaliate back.

Unfortunately, this method is much more difficult to apply here than the Chaos Elemental. Firstly, halfway through both phases of the fight, Vet'ion summons skeletal hellhounds. Where he summons them, as well as whether or not they immediately aggressive to the player, is not consistent, and luring these hellhounds to a spot where you can fight them without taking damage from Vet'ion will be very dangerous depending on these factors. Secondly, there is a time limit in defeating the second phase. As this method requires a good deal of waiting, it takes a fair amount of time to deal the required damage. That, combined with the time required to kill his skeletal hellhounds, means that it is possible for Vet'ion to return to his normal form.

Since Vet'ion can only be attacked safely when his health bar disappears, using powerful crush weapons such as godswords or the elder maul will have a slight advantage when flinching him. The only issue with such slow weapons are the skeletal hellhounds, especially the greater ones which need to be killed quickly.

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