The vinery in the Hosidius House of Great Kourend.

Kourend favour activity

The vinery is a greenhouse in which grapes are grown. Lord Kandur Hosidius, the current Lord of the Hosidius House, successfully grew a new strain of grapvine in order to produce better wine to sell to the dwarves in the Lovakengj House. There is a bank available that any player can use; it doesn't require any favour either.

Vinery map

The Vinery on the world map.

The vinery is looked after by Gallow, an experienced farmer and an expert on wine and viticulture, who will tell players how to grow grapes.

Players can plant grape seeds, obtained from the Tithe Farm minigame, with level 36 farming. Doing so will require players to have at least 65% favour with the Hosidius House. There are twelve vine patches for players to use.

In addition, players can pick Zamorak's grapes instead of regular grapes by holding Bologa's blessings in their inventory. For each grape harvested, one blessing is consumed, so multiple blessings are required for each vine patch if the player wishes to harvest a full patch of Zamorak grapes.

Collecting snape grassEdit

An overlooked use of the Vinery location is its banking location and the proximity of snape grass on the tip of the nearby peninsula to the north-northeast; there's a spawn of 10 snape grass there. Players can run back and forth between the vinery bank and the snape grass location making it a faster alternative than going to the crafting guild peninsula (unless the person has hard Falador diary completed giving access to the bank in the crafting guild). Don't be fooled by the seaweed though. The seaweed looks very similair to snape grass, yet the snape grass only spawns at the very tip of the peninsula.

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