This article is about the Void Knights' outpost. For other outposts, see Outpost (disambiguation).
Location on World Map
Ape Atoll
Unknown Void Knight Outpost Marim
Pest Control

The Void Knights' Outpost is a small island in the very south of the current map, just south-west of Ape Atoll. There are three ways to reach the Void Knights' Outpost. The first one is by talking to the Squire on the pier at Port Sarim.

Getting thereEdit

The official Void Knights' Outpost world is 344.


Main article: Pest Control

However, the main feature of the island is Pest Control (the bottom island in the picture), a co-operative multi-player Combat minigame. See the Pest Control article for more information. The landers at the south side of the island brings players to the Pest Control island when there are 5-25 players in them.

Music unlockedEdit

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