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Volcanic ash detail

Volcanic ash is obtained from mining ash piles found around the Fossil Island Volcano. Doing so requires level 22 in Mining, and grants 10 experience per ash mined. Mining gloves, Varrock armour of any tier, or the Mining cape do not affect the yield when mining volcanic ash.[1]

Volcanic ashes are used to create a variety of farming-related items. One is used on a harralander potion (unf) to create a compost potion. In addition, two ashes can be used on a bucket of supercompost to create ultracompost. Lastly, 25 volcanic ashes can be used directly on a full compost bin containing supercompost to upgrade it to ultracompost bin.

If players have read the ash covered tome, they can have the Fertile Soil spell treat a farming patch with ultracompost instead of supercompost by casting the spell while having two volcanic ash in their inventory.


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