Waterbirth Island Dungeon
Dagannoth King Doors
Kingdom Fremennik Province
Main Music The Monsters Below, Subterranea, Dagannoth Dawn, Xenophobe
Levels 6
Strongest Monster Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Supreme and Dagannoth Rex
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Dagannoth, Wallasalkis, Rock lobsters, and Giant rock crabs
Waterbirth Dungeon Map
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Waterbirth Dungeon is a large dungeon found on Waterbirth Island and consists of several sublevels that contain powerful, aggressive monsters. Players must be prepared to encounter all three Combat styles. Few safespots are available, so those adventurers who wish to explore the dungeon must take caution.

Sublevel 1 - Main RoomEdit

Waterbirth Dungeon 1

Sublevel 1 of Waterbirth Dungeon.

As soon as the player descends the stairs to enter the dungeon, they will be in a massive cavern, also known as Sublevel 1, filled with level 90 Dagannoths with their spawn and fledglings. They use Melee attacks and hit high and accurately. Protect from Melee is highly recommended for players who wish to train here. There are also a few rock crabs to the north part of the area. Most potential safespots contain eggs that, when approached, hatch and release dagannoth spawn that will attack the player. However, once the dagannoth become non-aggressive, they can be safely ranged across the skeleton just north-east of the entry stairs.

The three pathsEdit

At the far eastern end of the cavern are three circular doors with two buttons next to each of them. To open a door, one player must stand on a button while his companion stand on the other. Alternatively, the player can use the pet rock to substitute as a "player" to open the doors. Depending on which door is opened, the player will encounter the following monsters that use one of three attack styles:

You may want to be careful, as a few Dagannoths may have gotten stuck in each of the rooms.

Opening the door to the central roomEdit

Each of the three paths leads further east to a central room with a ladder. However, it is blocked by three door-supports. The props can be knocked down with either Magic or Ranged (weak attacks may not work), but the player cannot knock down the prop in front of them; they can only knock down one in the opposite direction. In order for the prop in front of the player to be knocked down, another player must do it from the opposite direction. An easy way to get past them is by using the Rune thrownaxe's special attack on the middle door-support. The thrownaxe will fly through all three door-supports.

Once the props are knocked down, they will eventually be put back up again. Players should use the ladder immediately; however, they should be aware that two Dagannoth spawns will pop from the eggs nearby and the Wallasalkis and ranged Dagannoth can attack the player.

Waterbirth Dungeon 2

Sublevels 2-4 of the dungeon.

Waterbirth Dungeon 3

Sublevel 5 of the dungeon.

Once the player is in the central room, they can climb the ladder. Going down the ladder allows the player to go through the sub-levels that lead to the Dagannoth Kings; going up the ladder will lead to Askeladden, who is on top of the snow-covered mountain in the east part of the island. The top part of the area is very useful for resting, espically when players are going to the Dagannoth Kings.

Fremennik armourEdit

The Dagannoths in the main cavern (not the ones in the path) sometimes drop dagannoth hides used to make Fremennik armour. The monsters in each of the three paths drop raw materials used for the armour. For example, Wallasalkis drop pieces used for making Skeletal armour.

Rough walkthroughEdit

Below is a quick overview of Waterbirth Island Dungeon and the rooms and protection prayers that should be used in each room.

Waterbirth Island Dungeon

Room Sublevel Attacks used or Prayer needed Notes
1 1 Melee Protect from melee overhead Protect from Melee is strongly recommended in the main room since the Dagannoths can hit accurately and hard.
The 3 Paths (need two players to stand on door pads to Room 2)
2 North 1 Melee Protect from melee overhead Giant Rock Crabs inhabit the northern area and use Melee. Be sure to activate Protect from Melee.
2 Centre 1 Magic Protect from magic overhead Wallasalkis inhabit the middle path and use Magic that is extremely potent, so Protect from Magic is highly recommended.
2 South 1 Ranged Protect from missiles overhead Dagannoths that use Ranged inhabit the southern area. Ward off their Ranged attacks with Protect from Missiles.
The Doors (need two players to open doors or one with rune thrownaxes to hit the middle door)



Melee, Ranged, Magic Either go up to Askeladden (safe area for resting) or down to Dagannoth Kings. Before proceeding downward, have Protect from Magic activated.
4 2 Magic Protect from magic overhead Again, Protect from Magic should be on by this point as Wallasalkis hit very hard. Head east, and climb down the ladder.
5 3 Ranged, Melee Ranging dagannoths are next. Use Protect from Missiles, and go east to the ladder.
6 2 Melee Protect from melee overhead Although giant rock crabs hit hard, they move slowly. Hide in a nook nearby and turn on Protect from Melee. Players can conserve run energy by walking straight past them toward the ladder due south. Switch to Protect from Missiles immediately upon descending the ladder.
7 3 Melee, Ranged There are dagannoths that use both Melee and Ranged attacks. With Protect from Missiles on, run past them to the next ladder in the west.
South to Bardur
8B 2 Melee Climbing up the south ladder and simply following the path leads to a Fremennik called Bardur, who is fighting Dagannoth fledgelings. Conversing with results in him asking you to bring him a Fremennik helm, shield or sword, which he will trade for sharks.
9B 3 Melee, Ranged
10B 4 Melee
West to Dagannoth Kings
8 4 Magic Protect from magic overhead Activate Protect from Magic and go past the wallasalkis. Keep said protection prayer on until reaching the giant rock crabs.
9 3 Magic Protect from magic overhead Conserve energy if necessary and continue onwards.
10 4

Magic Protect from magic overhead

Proceed to the next ladder.
11 3

Melee Protect from melee overhead

Activate Protect from Melee and walk straight past the giant rock crabs.
12 4 Melee, Ranged Again, there are Melee and Ranged dagannoths. Run past them with Protect from Missiles. After rounding the corner and going up the ladder, there will be a couple of ranging dagannoths. After getting to the ladder, prepare to switch to Protect from Melee.
13 3 Melee Protect from melee overhead Melee-using dagannoths inhabit this area, and the ladder is north-east.
14 4 Melee, Ranged Upon arrival, there are come rock lobsters, which require Protect from Melee. Players can trap them behind the ladder and rest here. At the end of this corridor is a huge room where wallasalkis await, so prepare to use Protect from Magic after passing the lobsters and entering the big area.
15 5 Melee, Ranged, Magic At the end of the corridor are monsters of all combat styles, but use Protect from Magic. Avoid Giant Rock Crabs, and go west down the ladder.
16 6

Melee, Ranged, Magic

This is the Kings' lair. See this guide on how to battle them.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

The following is a more detailed overview of the dungeon.

Rooms 1-3Edit

Sublevel 1 consists of these three rooms. The large Dagannoth-filled cavern that players first arrive in when they enter the dungeon is room one. Room 2 consists of the three paths, and Room 3 is the small room with the props and the ladder leading up or down.

Room 4Edit

Sublevel 2

This room contains three Wallasalkis that use Magic. Protect from Magic is highly recommended.

Room 5Edit

Sublevel 3

This room contains two types of Dagannoths: Melee and Ranged. If the player plans to run through the room, Protect from Ranged is recommended because the melee Dagannoth cannot run. Otherwise, the player should use Protect from Melee because the melee Dagannoth can actually follow the player, and they are potentially more dangerous than the ranging ones.

Room 6Edit

Sublevel 2

This room contains Giant Rock Crabs, initially disguised as large stones. Upon entering the room, the player will be safe providing that the player stays where they are. However, if the player goes near a crab, it will attack. Players may want to go near the Giant Rock Crabs currently moving, as those will be non-aggressive.

Room 7Edit

Sublevel 3

This room contains Melee and Ranged Dagannoth. Protect from Ranged is recommended if the player plans to run through the room; otherwise, they should use Protect from Melee.

There are two ladders in this room. Going down the south ladder will soon lead the player to Bardur, who is fighting Dagannoth fledglings. If the player gives him certain equipment to keep him going, he will hand the player a cooked shark in return, which may prove a bit helpful if the player wishes to explore the dungeon further.

Going down the west ladder will continue to lead to the Dagannoth Kings.

Room 8Edit

Sublevel 4

This room contains Wallasalkis. Protect from Magic is highly recommended.

Room 9Edit

Sublevel 3

This room contains a single Wallasalki. Protect from Magic is highly recommended. Players who do not wish to be attacked by other monsters may find this room a good place to kill Wallasalkis as there is only one spawn, and the room is small.

Room 10Edit

Sublevel 4

This room contains Wallasalkis. Protect from Magic is highly recommended.

Room 11Edit

Sublevel 3

This room contains Giant Rock Crabs and can also initially serve as a resting point. Protect from Melee is recommended when travelling through the room.

Room 12Edit

Sublevel 4

This room contains Melee and Ranged Dagannoth. Protect from Ranged is recommended if the player plans to run through the room; otherwise, they should use Protect from Melee.

Room 13Edit

Sublevel 3

This room contains two Ranged Dagannoth. Protect from Ranged is optional.

Room 14Edit

Sublevel 4

This is a long corridor filled with a few Melee Dagannoth. Using Protect from Melee will be good enough to block their attacks. The first part is usually unoccupied by monsters, so it can also serve as a resting point.

Room 15Edit

Sublevel 5

This room is a very long corridor that extends east, south-west, and then opens up to a big room with the ladder that leads to the Dagannoth Kings, and then narrows down to another corridor that leads to an alternate exit going to the Lighthouse. The first section of this room contains approximately ten level 142 Rock lobsters that are similar to Giant Rock Crabs in the fact that they disguise themselves as rocks, and attack any player who goes near them. However, rock lobsters have a higher max hit and attack very quickly (at 1.2 ticks); however, since you will be running, most of the rock lobsters should be unable to reach you.

As the corridor turns south-west, more rock lobsters continue to lie in wait. You may want to use Protect from Magic now as there will be Wallasalkis in there, in addition to both types of Dagannoth. The ladder in the middle of the narrow path leads you to the Dagannoth Kings.

Room 16Edit

DKS Lair

Sublevel 6 of the dungeon.

Sublevel 6

This is the large roughly circular arena where the three Kings reside. Each King uses a different combat style, and they hit hard. It is extremely difficult to enter the room without two or more of the Kings attacking the player; they must have a companion to enter first and distract them, allowing the player to enter and run to a far side of the arena. Players MUST be prepared before going down the ladder, or they may die a quick death.

East Sublevel 5Edit

This contains two rock lobsters. Protect from Melee is recommended.

Room 17Edit

Sublevel 4

This contains three rock lobsters. Protect from Melee is recommended.

Room 18Edit

Sublevel 3

This contains seven rock lobsters. Protect from Melee is recommended. This is also another good room to burst or barrage for Magic experience, and is usually empty.

Room 19Edit

Sublevel 2

This contains the exit to the Lighthouse. Players must complete Horror from the Deep to use the ladder, which will send them into the Dagannoth under the Lighthouse. It also contains two Rock lobsters.


Music unlocked on Waterbirth Island:


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