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Every item in RuneScape has weight, which can affect a user in their gameplay. Players can see the total weight of the items they have equipped or are carrying in their inventory on the "Equipment Stats" screen. It's measured in kilograms (kg). Some items weigh with a fraction but the Equipment Stats screen will round it to the nearest kilogram. The weight affects the player's energy time, but the Agility skill helps overcome this. As far as the energy drain rate is concerned, having negative weight is the same as having 0 kg of weight. Energy drain rate will increase with carried weight up to a weight of 64 kg, at which point the drain rate is double[1]. Some activities in RuneScape require players to not weigh more than a certain amount. Example: diving off Port Khazard during and after Recipe for Disaster (Pirate Pete subquest); walking on the bridge in Temple of Ikov requires players to have negative weight.

Stackable items such as runes and coins and other items do not weigh. Some items also reduce weight instead of adding, which is very useful for quests or activities that require a lot of running.

Weight reducing itemsEdit

Currently, wearing the combination of a spottier cape, boots of lightness, penance gloves, graceful hood, graceful top and graceful legs allows the player to have weight as low as -27.5kg. This is the minimum amount of weight currently possible. All weight reducing items are wearables and have to be worn to 'activate' the weight reduction.

Greatest weightEdit

The current greatest weight possible player can weigh at any given time is 1018.2 kg. Items required to wear in order to reach this weight are:

Slot Image Item Weight (kg)
Headwear Golden helmet 31.7
Cape Diving apparatus 10
Neckwear Seal of passage 4.5
Ammunition - - 0
Weapon Barrelchest anchor 30*
Shield - - 0
Body Granite body 22
Legs Granite legs 15
Hands Skeletal gloves/Spined gloves 3
Boots Bandos boots 6
Ring - Granite ring (i)/Granite ring 3
Inventory 28× Barrel of coal-tar (or any variation) 28×32 (896)
Total 1021.2

Note: The Barrelchest anchor is a 2-handed weapon, therefore the Shield slot will be empty.

Barrelchest anchor can be substituted with Crate with zanik or Ana in a barrel. Both of these weigh 2 kgs more however these items are only available during Death to the Dorgeshuun and The Tourist Trap respectively.


Since some items' weights which have fractions are rounded off in the Equipment Stats screen, it's hard to tell the real weight. Fortunately, there are some known weights to help find out. These items are also not hard to find.

Item Weight (kg)
Gnomeball 0.5
Ground bat bones 0.1
Empty oyster 0.08
Vial of water 0.02
Any key (gold-coloured) 0.01
Rock (elemental) 0.001


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