Whitewashed stone is a style enhancement of a house in Construction.

When Level 20 Construction is reached, this can be chosen as a house template for Player-owned house.

It gives off a similar appearance to Pollnivneach style housing. Desert rock will replace the grass of the outdoor ground.

Style Level Required Cost Styled like
Basic wood Construction-icon 1 5,000 coins Rimmington
Basic stone Construction-icon 10 5,000 coins Burthorpe
Whitewashed stone Construction-icon 20 7,500 coins Pollnivneach
Fremennik-style wood Construction-icon 30 10,000 coins Rellekka
Tropical wood Construction-icon 40 15,000 coins Brimhaven
Fancy stone Construction-icon 50 25,000 coins Falador
Tips: Compare the design of all the styles before choosing a suitable one for a house!

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