Wilderness Agility Course Dungeon
Wilderness Agility Course Dungeon
Kingdom Wilderness
Main Music N/A
Levels One
Strongest Monster Skeleton (level 25)
Quests No
Inhabitants/Race Skeletons
Wilderness Agility Course Dungeon map
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The Wilderness Agility Course Dungeon is a small dungeon beneath the Wilderness Agility Course in high level Wilderness. It covers level 53 to 56 Wilderness. The dungeon entrance is a ladder in the north-east corner of the Agility course, which is past the rope swing and before the stepping stones. The dungeon contains eight skeletons and four bone spawns.

Players who fail the rope swing or log balance obstacles will enter the middle or end of the dungeon by falling on spikes, depending on the obstacle failed.

Players who have a skeleton Wilderness Slayer assignment given by Krystilia may opt to kill them here as it is rarely visited by PKers. Players who are under attack by PKers may also enter the dungeon in the hopes that a skeleton will attack the PKer to give the player being attacked an opportunity to log out.