Wintertodt parable
Wintertodt parable
Release date 7 January 2016 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High Alch 0 coins
Low Alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Weight 0 kg
The Parable of the Wintertodt, by Anonymous.
Wintertodt parable detail

The Wintertodt parable is a book found in the Arceuus House Library in Great Kourend.Customers in the library may ask the player to provide the book for them, after which the player is rewarded with Arceuus House favour and a book of arcane knowledge. The location of the book is random, and changes every 80-100 minutes.

If the book is dropped inside the Library, it will disappear. This is most likely to prevent the player from obtaining multiple copies in order to gain favour quicker by having the book readily available after a customer asks for it.

The book speaks about a particularly harsh winter that attracted the Wintertodt, who devoured all the crops of a certain Lord's farm. It details Dentristus, a farm hand who sought to defeat the Wintertodt in order to gain the Lord's daughter's hand in marriage.


Parts of this article are copyrighted by Jagex. It has a direct quote, copied verbatim, from Old School RuneScape or the Old School RuneScape website.

There was a man called Dentristus, a farm hand on his Lord's farm. His Lord had a beautiful daughter, Arastasia, with whom he was in love, but always he knew he would never win her hand.

That winter was the Great Winter which drew down the Wintertodt from the high mountains which proceeded to devour the animals upon the farm and freezing the next year's crops. The Lord had no food and Arastasia wept at the fear and distress caused to her people. This broke the heart of Dentristus and so he approached the Lord.

'My Lord! I cannot bear to see you beautiful daughter cry so over the despair that this beast has caused. I vow that I will venture into the mountains and destroy the beast so it shall trouble us no more.'

'Dentristus, you are a brave man,' replied the Lord. 'This is a dangerous undertaking and if you succeed I will grant you my daughter's hand in marriage as you will truly be the only man that can make her happy.'

Dressed in the Lord's best armour and wielding his most dangerous weapon Destristus started upon his quest.

Into the mountains Dentristus climbed, camping at night in caves to protect himself from the wind and snow in search of the Wintertodt. From devastated village to devastated village he travelled following the carnage of the Wintertodt.

With hope in his heart and love strengthening his arm Dentristus felt invincible in his armour and powerful with his sword in his hand, he was readt when he met the Wintertodt.

One wishes you could say he put up a fight, but Dentristus lay dead before he even saw the Wintertodt, the icy wind freezing him to the bone before he could lay a blow.

Some battles are worth fighting on your own, some are worth fighting with friends.

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