Yanni Salika
Yanni Salika
Release date 27 January 2003 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? One Small Favour
Location Shilo Village
Sells items? Beads of the dead
Gender Male
He buys and sells antiques.
Yanni Salika chathead

Yanni Salika owns the antique store in Shilo Village, and is also the starting point for the One Small Favour quest. He is located north of the river. Yanni will buy many non-tradeable items that are made or gathered during quests, but are of no use after the quest has been completed.

Here is a list of quest items that he will buy:

Items of interestEdit

Item Quest Purchase price
Tattered scroll Shilo Village 100 coins
Crumpled scroll Shilo Village 100 coins
Bervirius notes Shilo Village 100 coins
Bone key Shilo Village 100 coins
Stone-plaque Shilo Village 100 coins
Locating crystal Shilo Village 500 coins
Beads of the dead Shilo Village 1000 coins
Black prism Zogre Flesh Eaters 5000 coins

Note that when you ask if he has any interesting items for sale, he will offer to sell back to you the Beads of the dead (for 1200 coins) or the Bone Key (for 100 coins), assuming that you did sell yours to him.


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