Zulrah's scales
Zulrah's scales 1 Zulrah's scales 2 Zulrah's scales 3 Zulrah's scales 4 Zulrah's scales
Release date 8 January 2015 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? No
Stackable? Yes
High Alch 12 coins
Low Alch 8 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 257 coins (info)
Buy limit 30,000
Weight 0 kg
Flakes of toxic snakeskin.
Zulrah's scales detail

Zulrah's scales are items used to charge serpentine helmets, toxic blowpipes, toxic staves of the dead, and tridents of the swamp. It can also be used to create anti-venom at 87 Herblore by using them on an Antidote++, with 5 scales used per dose.

They are primarily obtained as a drop from Zulrah. They can also be obtained by dissecting sacred eels with a knife, which requires level 72 in Cooking. A player's Cooking level affects how many scales are received when they are dissected.

In addition, players can receive 20,000 scales from dismantling the following items:

Dropping monsters

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Zulrah 725 100–300 1; Always
Zulrah 725 500 3; Uncommon